Wojtek Kutyla

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Next Door, a Distant Land

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

Photographic book, 2011. Sold out.

  • 62 pages (56 photographs),
  • A5 size photo book
  • Edition size: 75, individually signed and numbered copies
  • Type of printing: digital print, soft cover, perfect bound

Selected photographs from the book

Photograph of the Shame of Edinburgh — the unfinished copy of the Parthenon, on a moody background
Photograph of an aeroplane flying above the coastal sign.
Photograph of a dog walking carefully from the forest, towards the photographer
Photograph of a woman climbing a forest ladder
A winter photograph of a man sadly walking with a silhouette of a Ferris wheel in the background
Photograph of a strange dress-up party with a man wearing a cone on his head
A funny photograph of a person in a passport-photo booth.
Photograph of an impossibly long, white limousine.
Photograph of a demonstration crowd. People holding Imagine no religion sign.
Photograph of two hands, making a mock-up of a gesture of David and God, wearing working gloves.
Photograph of a hat on a railway track, looking as if it was a proof of a suicide.