Wojtek Kutyla

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Here, There, Nowhere

Project statement

Leaving the place I come from, I became a forever stranger. I live between memories and a reality that surprises me every day. Nowhere feels like home.

Ewa Hoffman wrote in her book ‘Lost in Translation’:

“The soul can shrivel from an excess of critical distance, and if I don’t want to remain in arid internal exile for the rest of my life, I have to find a way to lose alienation without losing myself. But how does one bend toward another culture without falling over, how does one strike an elastic balance between rigidity and self-effacement?”

(translation: Wojtek Kutyla)

By putting on the mask of a strange creature, I disappear. I can be myself, yet also stand out. Though visible, I am ignored by most people. I give the camera to others to see myself in the mirror.

This project is a work in progress (2024-). It was created during the mentorship in the Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme.


Rafał Marciniak, Marta Dąbrówka, Maciej Bargieła


This project is a work in progress. Please follow Wojtek’s Instagram for regular updates.