Project statement
Even though digital technology dominates our public and private spaces, software production as such feels alienating and abstract to the uninitiated. Popular culture presents individuals working in digital either as aloof, god-like geniuses, like Steve Jobs, socially inept geeks, like characters from the sitcom ‘Silicon Valley’ or modern-day magicians swiftly typing out the code commands like magic spells in the countless depictions of computer hacking. 

However, software development is a team sport. Digital products are results of combined efforts of software engineers (developers), experience designers, product and project managers, social media and marketing specialists, content writers and many others. According to the official source of the UK Government, the UK digital UK sector employs over 1.5 million people and 81 000 in Scotland alone (ref).

The Edinburgh’s CodeBase is the biggest tech incubator in the UK. Home to over 90 companies that raised collectively more than half a billion USD in investment (ref), it occupies a large office building in the heart of the city. 
This project looks at CodeBase as an exemplary modern workplace and documents the activities of its tenants who create the computerised backbone of our society.